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Street Eats’ New Food to Go range!

Street Eats is changing and it is really, really different…

As consumers, we all want it all – great food at value prices… be it innovative world flavours to great tasting British classics, hot food at breakfast or crisp sandwiches to snack on and more and more we look for superfood salads and high protein products to keep us feeling good.  There is increasing care about where the food comes from, about animal welfare and sustainability is a given. We have the range to offer all this….and more…

Street Eats is the first sandwich supplier to be awarded Food for Life Catering Mark supplier status with the extensive use of British & high welfare meats and fish.

Artisan, Fresh, Handmade Hot & Cold Food to Go

From Best Selling Traditional Flavours …

BLT, Ham & Cheese, Egg & Cress…

To Innovative Attention Grabbing Products …

Poke salads, Raw salads, regional ciabatta fillings, fully loaded wraps and a range of hot pots.

All dayparts covered = Breakfast, Lunch, Snacking…

Minimal branding – it’s about the food not about us!

Focus on the best and freshest ingredients

Significant British range and high welfare accredited meat and fish products

About Street Eats

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Our British range has been specifically designed to help you provide food that meets the Catering Mark Standards.

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